On “Being Yourself”

I think the hardest part about “being yourself” is owning yourself. When you’re doing well, everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone has advice and wants to claim they guided you there to the finish line. But when you fall and fail, your decisions are your own. No one claims ownership but you, since, you’re the one accountable for all you do. People are quick to prescribe an action for you, but at the end of the day you live with your choices. The question usually is,  “Are you going to fail?” But I think we ask the wrong questions of ourselves. What we really should be thinking is, “Where would you like to be whether you fail or succeed?” Success is desired, and perhaps more optional than we think it is, but direction is mandatory. Follow your bliss, and let those voices dissolve in the wind behind you.

There is nothing more terrifying yet empowering to hold your future in your own hands.

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