Hey. My name is Therese.

No one likes reading, so here’s a list of some of the many hats I wear

Me, to myself: “I hope no one sees the empty Amazon box I hid under this bench”

  • Wife & animal mom (1 dog, 1 cat)
  • Employed with two jobs:
    • Traveling user experience (UX) researcher & course instructor (full-time)
    • US Army Reservist (part-time)
  • Mixed race woman still figuring out her place in the world
  • Weightlifting enthusiast
  • “Clean” eater (with the occasional visit to Five Guys)
  • Born-again earth-conscious hippie
  • Profanity fountain
  • Minimalist & zero-waste (…jk, we’re still working on that)
  • On the road to financial independence (FI)

I grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, but currently live in the South, on the Alabama-Georgia border. I started this blog because I have learned and most importantly, am still learning a lot as I try to better myself. Hopefully, the research I do and meaningful conversations I have with really smart friends can maybe help others learn alongside me.

I am passionate about health, wellness, and serving others. So passionate that sometimes I throw some swear words around. However, I find that the most offensive problems in this world are best solved with strong words, an open mind, and a willingness to listen.

My goal is to provide my honesty, my enthusiasm, my fear, and my courage while I discuss challenging topics in an effort to better myself (and hopefully, others, too).