Get Out (Spoiler-Free + Deep Dive Plot Analysis)

FYI: This critique is split into two sections: a spoiler-free review followed by a deep-dive plot analysis, which does contain some spoilers. A spoiler warning will precede any sections which have spoilers. Spoiler-Free Review Horror movies and I don’t normally get along. I empathize deeply with characters, I am VERY easily startled, and I kind of believe in ghosts (it is what it is). So when it comes … Continue reading Get Out (Spoiler-Free + Deep Dive Plot Analysis)

Suicide Squad (100% Certified Spoiler-Free)

T-Mobile hooked us up, yet again, with free tickets to a movie (woo!) and while I’d been looking forward to this movie all year, I was a bit disappointed to see that critics weren’t so enthused about it. Its Rotten Tomatoes score was a very rotten 26% (Though I’m really starting to lose faith in the whole system. Sausage Party is opening at 100% apparently? A … Continue reading Suicide Squad (100% Certified Spoiler-Free)

Sing Street - Band Lineup

Sing Street

We saw this movie by accident. We actually were hoping to catch an advanced screening of “The Nice Guys,” but by the time we realized the screening was the day prior, we were already finishing up our beer & dinner. So anyway, we made do with being in town, and decided to see “Sing Street.” “Sing Street” is a musical comedy-drama that made it to Sundance Film Festival … Continue reading Sing Street

Captain America: Civil War (No Spoilers)

I’ve been doing this on my own personal Facebook for some time, but it has been long enough. It is now time for the inauguration of Unwelcome Reviews – a series of completely unwarranted and informal reviews of movies, shows, and other entertainment (that I sometimes happen to see in theaters before other people do). How better to start us off than with the best comic … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War (No Spoilers)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) (+SPOILERS)

When I began to write my review for Rogue One, I came to the stunning realization that I failed to write a review for The Force Awakens. I probably need to retroactively write reviews for all the Star Wars movies, but given the importance of discussing a more recent Star Wars film while discussing Rogue One, I HAD TO FIX THIS. I think we saw Star Wars: The … Continue reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII) (+SPOILERS)

4/8/15 — The Day I Became a Real Fan of Lost

As an aside, this has been retroactively added into “Unwelcome Reviews” since it is, technically, a TV series review. – TBF Ryan and I have been watching every episode of Lost on Netflix, as late bloomers to the series, and happened to land on the series finale on “Lost Day,” 4/8/15 (As you may already know, those numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and … Continue reading 4/8/15 — The Day I Became a Real Fan of Lost